Jésus, le Fils, 2019

Jésus, le Fils, 2019


This representation of the Trinity is inspired by the icon of Andreï Roublev which is based on the gazes between the figures : in the center, the Father stares proudly at the Son whom He will soon abandon. Through this action, he accomplishes what every parent does to give his child independence. On the left, the Son looks confidently at the Holy Spirit, embracing destiny. Finally, the Holy Spirit gazes at the bitter goblet. He knows the difficulties of life and knows that the Son will lose the Father. 

Peripheral sceneshave been chosen depending on the theme of the connection.The paternity of the Christ is ambiguous on different levels : concerning the genealogy, the blood, the adoption and the divine ascendance.

Mixed techniques on wood

320 x 310 x 8 cm approx.
Cathédrale de Strasbourg, France
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