Jésus en solitude, 2017

Jésus en solitude, 2017


For the disciples the advent of the Christ as king of the jews is imminent. Little do they know that this supper announces the end of their adventure with Jesus, that their leader will be captured in a few hours and crucified the following day. For now, they only think of their careers and how each one of them dreams to become prime minister to the next president. Jealousy creates dissension just like in real life where each one of us conserves our interests and our gains. Between them, but extremely isolated, the lonely Christ interrogates the spectator. If you were at this table, would you be part of this useless quarrel or would you cherish my presence?

Mixed techniques on wood

240 x 280 x 5 cm approx.
Anonymous donation, église Saint-Elias, Kantari, Beirut, Lebanon
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